A fast Static Site Generator that generates optimised, performant websites.

Build your site with a boringly simple stack, yet get amazing performance.

Be Productive

Development Server starts in <800ms for a site with 80+ pages. Rebuilds take less than 100ms. Benchmarks suggest lego is 8.75x faster than Jekyll.

Be Expressive

Supports Nunjucks and Liquid templates. Posts can be written in Markdown. Data can be provided as YML, JS or JSON files.

Be Performant

Transpiles and minifies JS using Terser, autoprefixes and minifies CSS with PostCSS, inlines critical styles using critical, minifies HTML, optimises images, versions assets so you can aggressively cache them.

Be Configurable

Allows custom markdown containers. Write your own Markdown syntax if you feel adventurous.

Be Beautiful

Code highlight at build time. Not satisfied with the default styles? Just include one of highlight.js' themes in your project.

Be Discoverable

Generates a sitemap so you don't have to manually do it for SEO purposes.

Get Started

Run npm i -g @astronomersiva/lego

To generate a site, run lego g your-awesome-site.

cd your-awesome-site and run lego s.

Want to see a sample site?